What a Buzz

On arrival in Newark, New Jersey for a connecting flight to Houston, we were in danger of missing the flight. What started as a 90 minute transit was reduced to just 6 minutes due to a late take off and strong headwinds.
We jogged the last part to the gate and as the boarding passes were checked I noticed a familiar face.
To our left at the desk about 10 feet away was Buzz Aldrin. I pointed him out to John who didn’t think it was the moon landing astronaut. In the last seconds as we went through the gate I heard the man say to the check-in assistant “Listen, I’ve flown to the moon”.
It was a lovely moment.
Ironically I was carrying Norman Mailer’s ‘Fire on the moon’ (about Apollo 11) but the flight crew refused to let me get the great man’s autograph (actually they wouldn’t even confirm if he was on the flight).

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  1. vince says:

    At least you belive he did it. One certain ‘other one with short hair’ is somewhat sceptical.

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