What might Amazon recommend for Xmas?

On my most recent visit to amazon I couldn’t help but notice the ads at the right hand side, the top one of which is a Jamie Oliver ‘flavour shaker’. Directly underneath is a well endowed female in sexy underwear whose 2007 calendar is being touted at 40% off (She is called Keeley Hazel incidentally and I have never heard of her or seen her before). In the interests of science I clicked to see a larger picture, not of the flavour shaker (which by now strangely took on the appearance of a sex toy), but of Keeley.
I went no further (though I was tempted to see if there were thumbnail images for the summer months) and I am waiting for the click to find its way into and back out of the database with updates to my ‘amazon recommends’ selections.

I’ll keep you posted…

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