What’s under the one man’s desk then?


  • Windows 2003 server with vmware server running a custom W2K3 server and windows XP
  • Windows 2000 with Flight Sims and related aviation software
  • Dual boot, dual screen Ubuntu 9.04 and Vista Ultimate (with vmware server running Win2K3)
  • WinXP Pro Notebook


  • WinXP Pro Dual screen main development and general workhorse machine
  • Debian Lenny with Virtual Box and Windows 7
  • Win98SE for midi music
  • Windows 2000 workstation with various legacy software

Standalone (on rather than under the desk)

  • Vista Ultimate Notebook
  • Linux Netbook – a present for the wife but you know how it is 😉

Several UPSs, external DVD writer, switches and eight external hard drives.

You can guess what the cabling layout looks like !

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  1. Very nice 🙂

    Hmmm, when I posted on the posting about Pax, it didn’t pick up my gravatar. I wonder if it was because I used Bambi instead of BambisMusings? Let’s see.

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