You couldn’t make it up

I don’t need to…
My oldest workhorse laptop is permanently docked and on. It has twin screens separate backup drives etc. It is my little office hub which syncs all my vital data between devices (mobile phone, PDA, other machines etc). It’s internal CD Rom drive doesn’t function so today I mapped a drive to another machine’s external CD writer to copy some data to a CD in a hurry for someone.
A couple of hours later I couldn’t browse ‘my computer’ and I figured the external CD share I had mapped had somehow confused matters and wasn’t timing out, causing ‘my computer’ to get into that well known Windows ‘not responding’ state.
I killed the process and tried it again a few times to no avail, so I decided a shutdown/restart was long overdue.
That’s the point three hours ago when the machine would no longer boot in any mode whatsoever. And you know what’s coming next; having encountered safe mode getting stuck loading a driver before yourself…. Of course, you boot from the Windows Recovery CD.
Except in my case I had a broken CD ROM drive (and the BIOS doesn’t support booting from the DVD drive).
I decided to dismantle everything – no mean feat (I’ll post a picture when it is all back together) and managed to get the standalone notebook finally to boot all on its lonesome at which point it died because for some reason the docking station hasn’t been charging the batteries.
After trying different cards, slots, monitors and a complete unplug/replug of the KVM I managed to get it to boot in the docking station. The USB devices took a while to sort out before I finally got round to a complete image backup (kicked off about half an hour ago).
Earlier today I discovered one of my overnight backup systems had been failing (including for that notebook) but my other two overnight sessions to separate USB drives were in tact 🙂
So all in all not too much sweat but a pig of a time I hope I don’t have to repeat again in a hurry.

Good job I’m still on the medication.

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  1. rob says:

    Haha just give in and install debian 😛

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